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Hiring a professional designer to develop your Web site need not cost as much as you might think and given the wide exposure your site could potentially have, we feel it would be a false economy to not have your site professionally designed.

There are many things that can go wrong with website design - there is nothing worse than a badly designed site which does not work properly! We ensure that your site is fully functional before uploading it, and that you are happy with the design. We upload your site to a temporary site so that you can study it fully before we upload it to your domain.

K Web Design guarantees that each page gets maximum care and attention, but without wasting your time and money. In order to assess your requirements, all preliminary consultations are free. Once your requirements have been identified we will provide a quote for the project and a timescale for completion. If this is satisfactory, we will get to work on your site and there will be no hidden extras from there on in, providing of course that no substantial changes are requested to the ongoing project.