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Your domain name is the part of your web address which directs browsers to your web space (e.g. "kwebdesign.co.uk" is our domain name). Domain names can be purchased through a registrar - we have provided a form for one at the bottom of this page if you wish to register your own.

Because we buy domain names in quantity we can register your domain name for you more cheaply, and host your site on our own servers. There can be a charge for this service, which we will quote you at the time as the charges are constantly changing. Many domain names have now been taken, you can check the availability of any domain name by using the search box below. You may also purchase your domain from here, although we would suggest that you use us to purchase it for you so that we can set up the servers correctly.

We can also use any existing domain names you may have already registered by transferring the domain name server settings..

We would suggest that you choose a ".co.uk" rather than a ".com", partly because they are slightly cheaper and also because many people assume that a ".com" is US based.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding domain names.